Financial Reporting

Streamline the financial management of your business with the financial reporting services of Bayou Bookkeeping & Tax Services. We partner with you to not only improve the fiscal health of your business, but also to help you make informed and wise financial decisions. Contact us today to request a free consultation by calling (225) 442-1137.

Our Reporting Solutions

With the financial accounting and reporting services from Bayou Bookkeeping, you will gain the fiscal knowledge you need to manage your business wisely. We provide you with all the necessary information and data to make the most informed decisions, as well as improve the overall financial performance of your company.

Our financial reporting solutions include:

Monthly profit and loss statements

Balance sheets

Asset and liability tracking

Cash flow statements

Budget set-up

Financial review/consultation (as needed)

Hiring us to do your
accounting just adds up.

Financial Analysis Services

Bayou Bookkeeping goes beyond financial reporting and offers business financial analysis services. We begin with a complete evaluation of your business, including a financial statement analysis, to determine the fiscal health of your company. Our team follows these five key points when conducting a financial analysis for your small business:


Pinpoint the quantity, quality, and frequency of revenues to quantify long-term success


Determine if you are making a consistent profit

Operational Efficiency

Discover any weakness in the use of resources

Capital Efficiency & Solvency

Understand the risk involved in regard to any future business loans


Determine the availability of liquid assets

Baton Rouge Financial Reporting & Analysis

Benefits of Financial Reporting & Analysis

When you choose to partner with us for our financial advising solutions, you will be empowered to make smart decisions to grow your business, such as:

  • Understanding the details surrounding revenue, expenses, and labor costs
  • Managing existing cash flow
  • Tracking current fiscal growth
  • Projecting future costs and financial progress
  • Analyzing financials for potential fiscal weaknesses

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Bayou Bookkeeping proudly serves the communities of Baton Rouge, Central/Greenwell Springs, Walker, Livingston, Prairieville, and all nearby areas. We also work remotely with clients nationwide, across all 50 states. Request a free consultation today for any of our business accounting services like bookkeeping, payroll and taxes, tax preparation and filing, or human resource management, by calling us at (225) 442-1137.

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